Lacerte accounting software is basically designed by the Inuit. As you know the preparation of the tax is very difficult to part of each business and it takes lots of extra time, human work, and paperwork. To reduce this problem Inuit launched the Lacerte accounting software to help companies and reduce the pressure of the tax seasons. Lacerte accounting software has inbuilt capabilities of e-filing for individual, partnership and Benefit plan programs.

E-filing has gained a tremendous because it involves very little paperwork, and you get the faster refunds along with validating the IRS filing acknowledgment. Lacerte tax software can easily integrate with the QuickBooks accounting software it is designed by the Inuit.

Outsource2india is providing the major tax preparation or tax filing services for the global clients by using the advanced feature of the Intuit ProSeries and Lacerte tax software. The tax preparation services of Lacerte already prove that the individuals and corporates give the opportunity to give more focus on their core business areas. Lacerte undertake the process of the tax preparation and e-filing for:-

  • Individual
  • Corporates
  • Tax Consultants
  • Small to Medium-sized tax practices

Features of the Lacerte Tax Software:

Lacerte is one of the most powerful tax preparation applications. It helps the businessmen by catering to the needs of the individual taxpayers or seamless business clients tax filing process. Lacerte gives the customized packages you can choose any one of them according to your needs. The customized packages are given below:

  • Lacerte 200 federal 1040: In this, you can only prepare 200 individual federal tax returns
  • Lacerte Unlimited Modules: In which you can prepare unlimited individual as well as business tax returns
  • Lacerte REP: Pay-as-you-go government skiing plan for limited filing of tax holdings

Lacerte tax software has a wide range of features. Which helps you to provide tax-related solutions for the small, medium, and large sizes firms. Below you will get to see the features of the Lacerte tax software:

User-Friendly Interface:

As you know Intuit is a very popular and old accounting software making company. It always does the more focus on the user interface because the difficult interface of any software makes the difficulty to understand the process. Lacerte gives you a unique and simple quick filing process which includes:

  • Worksheet based design for the best data input experience
  • Customizable columns, that is the list of all the clients which you can see at once.
  • You can directly access all the necessary tools and utilities of the forms, like Print, View function, diagnosis, and much more.
  • You also get the Tab for quick data input review.

These features make the process of the tax filing more effective and enable the businessmen to file more returns at the same time.

Comprehensive Form Library:

The Lacquer Tax software includes over 5,700 variants, which further helps to serve a great variety of customers and businesses. It also supports the multi-state, k-1s and more. Available tax document modules incorporate 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, 706, 709, 990 and 5500.

Lacerte permits bringing in charge information from Excel information or CSV documents legitimately into the Data Schedule D structure, which reduces with the manual information section process. In addition, 1099 and W-2 information can be downloaded directly from your financial institution to the tax return.

Hassle-free E-Organizer:

E-Organizer is a paperless option for the organization and collects information for the tax filing process. It helps customers to send questionnaires, forms, and emails so that the necessary information within the Lacquer Tax software can be collected quickly. Customers have a customized, password-protected executable file, which contains detailed information about using the organizer, FAQ and more.

E-coordinator helps in sparing the expense of overseeing and sending information through paper coordinators. Errors are also minimized due to data entry, as the direct import of data is done in software. Once customers complete the given form, they can directly transfer it back to their taxpayer. This further saves a lot of time and improves efficiency.

Missing Client Data:

The missing client data utility tool is a built-in tool in Lacquerte Software that identifies areas with missing information and sends requests to clients for the required information and documents.

The Missing Client Data Tool saves time by reducing the hassle of tracking client data and speeding up the tax filing process. Tax preparers may mark the missing area only for future reference or until customers’ data is received. In addition, the information collection process is automated for a seamless workflow.


E-signing by DocumentSign is a fast way to approve and collect agreements digitally. It allows professionals to obtain customer signatures on engagement letters, tax forms, invoices, documents, and more in an IRS-approved manner.
E-signatures enable professionals and their clients to review, sign and even easily pay through the platform. It also includes eight statuses for the convenience of customers, including:

  • Refused
  • Authentication failed
  • Delivered
  • Different
  • Partially signed
  • Signed on
  • Invalid tax
  • Date expired

E-signature improves effectiveness and utilizations 256-bit encryption for the secure exchange of information.

Integration ability:

Lacquer tax software can integrate with various third-party applications such as document management, accounting software, client portals, practice management software, and more. These integrations add value to the accounting and tax process by enhancing the functionality of the software.
Some of the most useful examples of Lacerte add-ons are:

  • QuickBooks – It automates the majority of manual entry work by importing accounting data directly into the software.
  • SmartVault – It integrates with Intuit Lactart to provide a secure client portal as well as a basic management system for the filing process.
    Pay-by-refund – This is a convenient way to collect tax filing fees from customers through refunds.
  • OfficeTools- This is a practice management tool to centralize all accounting practices on a single platform for better accuracy and productivity.

Error Diagnostics And Automated Calculations

Lacerte automatically finds out the error and omission by running the more than 25,000 programs. This incorporates zones including explicit e-document survey and duty change determination. Assessment preparers can without much of a stretch bounce from the mistake screen to the info field required for any rectification.

To give precise outcomes, Lacerte gives programmed estimations to devaluation, amortization, Schedule J, multi-state preparing and the sky is the limit from there. This outcomes in less IRS dismissal and the first bring the record back.

Trial Balance Utility

Trial Balance prepares Utility Accountants and Taxes with the tools to serve its year-end customers. This test improves productivity by saving time for the balancing process.
The test balance utility helps accountants develop a chart, revise journal entries, review test balance reports, and more. In addition, it can easily integrate and import data from QuickBooks and EasyACCT, which can then be exported natively. Preliminary parity utility spares each year’s preliminary monetary record for better reference and assessment documenting the experience.

Intuit Link

Intuit link is an online client platform which issued to simplify the lots of data collection work. It is a personalized portal where a professional and clients can share the most confidential information with 100% security. Professionals are allowed to send the customized document request to ask the very important information and documents which are required to fil the process of tax.
Intuit link gives you the better option to upload your data directly from your client’s bank accounts. Your data is 100% secure because it uses the 256-bit encryption to protect your tax filing process. From the last 15 years. intuit links are fully integrated with the Lacerte software even Lacerta doesn’t charge any extra amount.

Tax Analysis and Planning Tools

Tax Analysis and planning tools are two different tools like- Tax Planner and Tax Analyzer. These tools help the professionals to give the best service and value.
Tax Planner: It provides the customized plans for each and every client’s future liability which is totally based on the current and future state and federal tax rates. In includes four different types of programs: Adjustment Analysis, Case Analysis, Married filing jointly/Married filing separately analysis, and Difference Analysis.
Tax Analyzer: it helps the professional by giving them advice for the clients to manage their liabilities and their financial health. The red-flags amount triggers the IRS audit.

Lacerte accounting software is designed by the Inuit. Which is widely known on the name of accounting software making organization? Lacerte tax software provides you a smooth tax filing process. You can easily integrate this software with the Quickbooks accounting software. All the essential features are given above.