Pro series accounting software is one of the Desktop-based tax software. This software is designed by the Intuit. Intuit is a wide range of accounting software organization which has designed many accounting software and millions of people are using it. Pro series is one of them. This software can be used in many ways like view your all the tax details in once, Track your taxes, Manage e-filled returns, File Returns, Manage Tax submission, Track the Progress of return and much more.

One of the big advantages of pro series accounting software is, you can easily integrate it with QuickBooks accounting software, Quicken, and TXF to import your bank details into the proseries tax software. The pro series basic edition is particularly beneficial in:

  • 1040 Tax Preparation and Schedule C Income Tax Return
  • E-filing at any time allows the filing of tax returns, which is mandatory for IRS conformance.
  • The in-depth category provides specific checklists for the collection of facts.
  • Allows data input into forms as well as worksheets
  • Integrated error diagnosis and modification features

Intuit Pro series accounting software Basic Edition:

The pro series basic edition is the best to suit for those tax preparation primarily for individuals and single professionals. It is a very pocket-friendly tax preparation software and it has a very simple user interface. making it possible for clients to outsource and create tax calculations and e-filing procedures. ProSeries Basic Edition is particularly beneficial:

  • 1040 Tax Preparation and Schedule C Income Tax Return
  • E-filing at any time allows the filing of tax returns, which is mandatory for IRS conformance.
  • The in-depth category provides specific checklists for the collection of facts.
  • Allows data input into forms as well as worksheets
  • Integrated error diagnosis and modification features

Intuit Pro series accounting software Professional Edition

The Pro series professional edition version is mostly used to tax preparation for individuals, medium scale, as well as large scale corporations. Tax Preparation with ProSeries Professional Edition:

  • A detailed list of forms is included in addition to the schedule for data input
  • Provides better integration with QuickBooks
  • The W-2 and 1099 allow direct-scanning of customer information
  • Allows comprehensive diagnosis of income tax data
  • Allow us the opportunity to take care of your taxation-related processing requirements, comply with the IRS and guarantee timely tax filing. We use state-of-the-art preparation software such as Intuit Proseries and Laxart to execute cost-effective and accurate tax preparation services.

Pro series accounting software features

Data input Assistance

Pro series accounting software provides robust tools that help tax preparers to fill details in tax forms. Assistance tools provided by the software include:

  • On-screen help: It allows users to get information from the online knowledgebase while working on returns.
  • Line-sensitive help: It is used to trace the source document for any field data and helps to find the information required for a particular field.
  • Where do I enter ?: It is used in federal 1040, 1065, 1120 and 1120 products to locate the correct form and area.

These features help make the e-filing process faster and easier.

Extensive Form Library

The ProSeries charge programming gives more than 3700 structures and timetables including 1040, 1041, 1120, the 1120S, 706, 709, 990. ProSeries offers help for a boundless number of 1040, individual, government and state and blessing returns. In addition, professionals can easily import K-1 business data into personal returns. This saves time spent on manual entry work and improves efficiency.

Client Management Solutions

The Pro series tax software gives you the inbuilt feature of tracking and managing the e filling progress, missing data, and client status. It can be received or downloaded manually within the software using e-filing declarations. The client status solution helps keep a check on the progress of client returns and create a report or a checklist for the same.
In addition, missing client data tools enable professionals to keep track of empty fields. The status of the missing data is then tracked, and an automated request is sent to the particular customer via a customized email.


Pro series accounting software contains over 1,000 error check diagnostics. This provides a comprehensive error-check for an accurate tax filing process.
ProSeries Professional Edition has a built-in feature of the form bar, which is used to find errors and fix them in any tax return. It also instructs users to enter the required tax form and the required data in it. It helps to remain productive during the long run.


E-signature by DocumentSign is a convenient way to digitally sign important documents, forms, and files in an IRS-approved manner. This saves time by collecting signatures and customer approvals in a few minutes or hours instead of days.
ProSeries users can easily collect signatures for Form 8879, which helps provide better service to customers.
From the tax year 2019, eSignature has added a new feature of the automated dashboard, which includes eight posts for tracking and reminders:

  • Refused
  • Delivered
  • Authentication failed
  • Different
  • Signed on
  • Partially signed
  • Invalid tax
  • Date expired

Intuit Link

Intuit Link simplifies the process of collecting information from customers by offering online portals. It is a convenient and secure platform that enables professionals and users to share important data.
Intuit Link further provides time-saving tools such as automatic-reminders, custom email templates, document requests and more. Professionals can keep track of progress and inform clients in case of any necessary information or document.
It is protected by 256-bit encryption to avoid the risk of any unauthorized access. Intuit Link helps file tax returns faster and organize data easily.

Tax planner

Tax Planner Proseries is an inherent feature in tax software that is used to estimate tax payments for the current year and subsequent 1040 returns. It exists under federal tax returns in both professional and basic versions.
The tax planner provides two major worksheets that can be filled by the tax preparer for better planning of the process:

  • Tax employer summary information
  • Tax employer taxpayer information

The summary notice sheet helps in keeping a record of the tax year, plan statement, inflation percentage, etc. The taxpayer information sheet contains details of taxpayers, and salary and salary information.

Integration with other accounting software

Pro series accounting software can easily integrate with third-party add-ons for added functionality. It helps professionals to enhance their practice by increasing the value of their services. Some of the most useful integrations with ProSeries tax software are:

  • QuickBooks: Imports accounting data directly into ProSeries tax software.
  • Pay-by-refund: Easily collects fees from customers through their refunds.
  • SmartVault: Manages documents and provides client portals to securely share files.
  • Fixed Asset Manager: It helps to import the assets into the Schedule E and Schedule C.
  • E-FileCabinet: Automates data collection and organization process.

These integrations allow tax preparations to do more in less time.

ProSeries Customer Organizer

The client organizer is available for ProSeries Professional Edition. It helps in arranging the required information from customers for various forms and returns, such as:

  • W-2 income
  • Capital gains
  • Statement of return
  • Car and truck costs

It automates most of the functions of data entry by importing data directly into the required form. The customer organizer also has a shorter version for customers with relatively simple returns.

Quick Employer Form Accountant

The Quick Employer Form accountant is directly accessible from Intuit ProSeries software. It provides step-by-step guidance on filing forms, including 1099 (1099-MISC, 1099-INT, and 1099-DIV) and W-2.
The INTACH Quick Employer Form requires an accountant e-file in three easy steps:

  • Simple questions are answered to allow customers to choose the correct form.
  • Customers can review the forms before finalizing them.
  • When E-filing is completed then the forms are sent to the IRS.

Pro series accounting software is desktop based tax calculating software. You can use this software to track the details of the taxes, file returns, manage tax submission, track the progress, and you can also integrate pro series with other software like QuickBooks and Quicken. It basically comes in two variants the first one is Basic Edition which is the best fit for individual professionals, it is also easy to use and budget-friendly and the Second is Professional Edition this is best fit for medium and large scale corporation.