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How To Fix QuickBooks Error 179

Every small and medium-sized business uses the accounting and bookkeeping software to get ready at the time of tax season. There are several types of accounting and bookkeeping software are available in the market but every businessman wants to purchase only those software that is capable to handle the many works simultaneously. QuickBooks software has all the advanced features that will help you to do several things at one time like handling your sales and expenses together. QuickBooks accounting software has much functionality but some times you may get the Errors like “QuickBooks Error 179”.

Error 179 represents a specific problem. In this blog we are going to discuss what is QuickBooks Error 179, What are the reason that cause the error code 179, and what are the possible solution to fix the QuickBooks Error code 179.

What does QuickBooks Error 179 Represent?

QuickBooks Error 179 occurs at the time of accessing your financial institution(Bank’s) website from the QuickBooks software. Whenever your bank assumes that you are not an authorized person to access your bank details then the bank doesn’t give access to QuickBooks to access your account. In that case, your QuickBooks Error code 179 appears on your computer screen. The authorization process is made to secure your bank account from an unauthorized person. Below you will get to see causes of QuickBooks Rebuild Error 179

Causes behind the error in QB:

  • The list of transactions is missing into your Quickbooks software.
  • You have recently changed your password and you are using the previous password to log in.
  • If your company file is corrupted then the chances of occurring the QuickBooks Error increase.
  • The login process is case sensitive so you make sure your “Capslock” is off.
  • When you log in to your bank more then one device then you get the QuickBooks error 179.
  • When your computer attacked by Virus then you don’t get the access to login into your bank account.
  • There are many chances your internet speed isn’t good to fetch your bank details.
  • When you don’t clear your cache for a long period of time then you might get the error code on your screen.
  • If you have hidden some of your balance sheet reports of your all accounts.
  • Last time you forget to logout your bank account.
  • If the value of the transaction of your log file doesn’t match with the total number of transactions.
  • Sometimes you put the negative values in your bills and invoices.

The solution to Fix QuickBooks Error 179

QuickBooks Error is the most occurring error which can be resolved by making some minor changes into your browser and software. To solve the QuickBooks online Error 179 follow the below-given solutions;

Solution 1: Clear the Cache and Browsing History

Every web browser stores your history and cache to fastly access the website next file. But on every computer, the size of the cache is very small. When you are using a browser for a long time don’t clear the cache then it becomes full and creates a problem in accessing the other websites like your bank website. In that case, you need to clear your cache once a week to get better performance. To clear the chache follow the below-given points:

  • First, you need to sign out from your all the bank accounts.
  • Then go to your browser setting and Delete your Cache and history,
  • After that restart your computer and try to access your bank website form the QuickBooks by using your credentials.

Solution 2: Updating Your Banks Data

QuickBooks Desktop is unable to fetch your bank details when your QuickBooks data is a mismatch with your Bank data.

  • First, you need to launch your QuickBooks Desktop, and go inside the “Tools”.
  • Here you need to choose the “Online Center” from the menu, and then choose the “Financial Institution(Bank)” from the given list.
  • Now you have to hold the “Ctrl + F3” simultaneously and then choose the “Contact Info”.
  • Here you have to set the profile and branding information which is necessary to change according to your bank after that press the “Update/Send” button.
  • Then you will get a prompt message to enter the password. Fill your password here and click to “Continue”
  • At last, you get the “Update Now” press it and update your data.
  • Then close your QuickBooks software and restart your QuickBooks software and try to fetch your financial institution.

Solution 3: Repair your Window registry

  • First, you need to close your QuickBooks software.
  • Then you need to tap on the left bottom bar, and here you need to type the “CMD”.
  • Then your command prompt will open here your need to type “Regedit” after hitting the “Enter”.
  • Here you can take the backup of your whole Registry, hover the mouse on the “Computer icon” and right-click on it and choose the “Export” option.
  • Once you click on export then a backup of you entire software including QuickBooks software will be saved into your backup folder and the extension of the backup would be .reg
  • After that, you need to Restore the .reg file with the help of the Registry Editor.
  • In the end you need to “Relaunch QuickBooks” to check QuickBooks Error 179 is persist or not.

QuickBooks Error 179 is basically related to your financial institution(Bank). When your QuickBooks software unable to access your bank account due to any reason then it shows the QuickBooks error code 179 on your computer screen. You can solve this error code by repairing your window registry.

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