How To Resolve Quickbooks Error H505

How To Resolve Quickbooks Error H505

If you are working in Quickbooks multi-user mode. And trying to open a company file that is not available in your system then you will face Quickbooks error H505. Besides, if Quickbooks company file needs some additional configuration then you can also face this issue. However, these QuickBooks error codes are part of Quickbooks error 6000, H101, etc.

Symptoms & Appearance Of Quickbooks(QB) Error H505

Quickbooks error h505 is looked like the below image. And it appears only in some operating system, sees below for more details.

  • Quickbooks error h505
  • The error comes in: Window XP, Vista, 7,8.
  • Description Of Error: Quickbooks software face some problem and required to close

Cause Of Quickbooks Error H 505

When Quickbooks user tries to open Quickbooks file which is not available in his computer system. Then the user faces Quickbooks error h505. This error normally can be seen in Quickbooks multiuser mode.

  • If.ND File has been corrupted then the user will see QB error.
  • If your network provider or you have done the wrong hosting setting. Then there is a situation of blocking Quickbooks communication of corporate file on the network.
  • If Quickbooks services like QuickbooksDBXX or QBFCmonitor are not activated on your system then you can face QB error h505.

Steps To Resolve Quickbooks Error H505

Step 1 Install Quickbooks database server manager:

Install Quickbooks database server manager on your server for every version of Quickbooks you are using in Multi-user mode. After installing the server manager you have to follow the below steps…

Quickbooks database server manager provides two ways to set up your server manager for QB.

  • The Server Only Option: You have to install the Database server manager on your server computer.
  • The Full Program Option: You have installed the full version of QuickBooks desktop included database server manager on your server PC.
  1. With The Help Of Window Server 2012 R2:  If you are using hosting in the private network using window server 2012 essential R2. Then don’t continue with the below section.
  2. Using Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting: If you are using Quickbooks enterprise version then don’t follow this article. You have to use Quickbooks support team contact.
  3. Using Another Hosting Solution: If you are using an affiliate hosting network like the right network. Then contact them directly, they will solve your problem.

Step 2 Download And Install The Quickbooks Tool Hub On Your Server

Now you will have to think that why we install this. So we want to tell you this step can solve the common errors which we mention below.

  • You have to close Quickbooks 
  • And download the QuickBooks tool hub software.
  • Install this software by following all the instructions shown on window.
  • After finishing the installation, double click on the Quickbooks tool hub icon to open it. 

Step 3 Run The Quickbooks Database server manager on your server

First of all, you need to understand what is a server computer. A computer that stores your company file and connected through the same network is your workstation.

  • Open the Quickbooks tool hub and select network issues.
  • Select QBDSM and select start scan, if you will see your company file then ok. But it doesn’t appear then choose the location of the company file and restart the scan. 
  • DSM automatically repairs your firewall permission when the scan finished.
  • Then open server manager on every workstation where you get Quickbooks error h505. And select to switch multi-user mode.
  • If your workstation runs properly in multi-user mode then your problem is resolved.

Step 4 Check All The service on Your server

Check that all the Quickbooks services are running on your hosting networks computers like Quickbooks DBXX and QBCFmonitor service.

  • First, type window+R  and inside run window text field type “service.msc”.
  • Search for the QuickbooksDBXX in the list
  • Select Automatic for the startup type.
  • Now you will need to check services are running or not. And if both tasks are not working then select start.
  • Then Select the recovery tab so that it will recover all the required settings.
  • Select all the restart services which are a failure.
  • After that select apply and then ok.
  • Finally, you have to repeat all the steps.
  • Then check if you are able to do work in multiuser mode then Qb error resolved.


Quickbooks error h505 is a very irritating error in Quickbooks’ multiuser mode. Because the user is unable to access the company file. So we have given the above steps to resolve this error.  We hope this article will help you to resolve the QB error.

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