QuickBooks Pro Desktop (Features & Cost)

QuickBooks Pro Desktop (Features & Cost)

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is a product of Intuit the basic work of this product is to organize your business finances in one place so you can better expend your business and achieve your business aim. This software is quite easy to set up and easy to use. This software will help you to manage your invoices, expenses and get reliable reports at the time of the tax and you can also import the data from a spreadsheet. The modern reporting feature improved your customization, usability, presentation, and navigation.

QuickBooks Desktop pro also allows you to pay faster by enabling the automatic payment reminder option, and the invoice automatically emails to the customers and you can also download the bank transaction to know where did you spend your money in the business.

QuickBooks pro desktop also helps you to automate the billing and invoicing process with the help of the reconciliation window. In which users can easily sync, link, and import data from the other integrated application, for example, PayPal and American Express and Square. Whenever you make any transaction that will automatically be categorized to the monthly expenses and earnings.

Features & Costs of Quickbooks Pro Desktop:

Features of QuickBooks Pro Desktop

Organize everything in one place

  • Without putting more effort you can easily create and customize the estimates, statements, and invoices.
  • Whenever any due is left on your customer then Past Due stamp will remember the customer for invoices.
  • You can also easily manage your vendor and expenses like Track, and pay bills
  • At the time of tax season, you will get a complete and reliable record of your business transactions.
  • You also get the feature of adding your financial institution with the Quickbooks pro desktop when you many any transaction then it automatically adds in the categorize formate and you can also download your transaction history.
  • Here you get the multi-monitor support by which you can increase your productivity significantly.

Track the performance of your business currently

  • You get the full information which you need with easy to use reports.
  • You get the end to end view of your all income related transactions with the of income tracker feature of QuickBooks pro desktop.
  • Get more information from more reports at the same time, or use two different monitors for two different company files with our multi-monitor support.
  • You can also view your complete business performance in a single click by going on the Home page.

Track the status of your invoices

  • You can easily check the status of invoices you have sent at a glance.
  • You can easily find out your customers are viewed as your invoices.
  • QuickBooks pro desktop helps you to manage and improve the flow of the cash by knowing when to follow up with customers.

Pay the Bills with Cheque

  • You can easily track what is owned by the vendors, from cheque to bill pay features.
  • You can also prompt your customers to link cheques to the bills.
  • At the time of writing a cheque for the vendor, it shows bills open for only that vendor.

You can adjust your list in QuickBooks Pro Desktop

When samples of your products go haywire, malfunction, or are shipped out, you will have to manually adjust the inventory in QuickBooks Desktop Pro. To adjust the inventory in QuickBooks Desktop Pro, you use the “Adjust Quantity / Value on Hand” window.

Create an invoice in QuickBooks Pro Desktop

You create an invoice in this Quickbooks product for customer sales for which payment will be made later. This invoice tells the information about your customers. It also shows how much the customer owes for the goods or services purchased.

QuickBooks Pro Pricing

You have two options for purchasing Desktop Pro (sometimes referred to as QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Desktop Pro). You can either purchase a single QuickBooks Pro license or you can purchase an annual QuickBooks Pro subscription (QuickBooks Pro Plus or QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus). There are some differences between license and membership, which we will cover in more detail, but the main difference is the price.

QuickBooks Pro Desktop

A QuickBooks Pro license is priced at $ 299.95 on Intuit’s website. When you can buy a QuickBooks Pro license, Intuit often runs promotions where this cost gets discounted.

A QuickBooks Pro license is good for three years, after which Intuit drops support for the product. You can still use the software after the completion of three years, but if you have a problem or you want to run into any problem, the Intuit team will not be able to help you. This license supports a single user and is installed locally. You can install the product on three computers; However, it creates three different company files, so your company file data will not sync from computer to computer.
Here are some other features that come with QuickBooks Pro:

  • Contact management
  • Expense tracking
  • Journal entries
  • Account Details
  • Accounts payable
  • Inventory
  • Project Management
  • Time care
  • The report is good
  • Budget
  • Tax support

QuickBooks Pro Plus

The price of QuickBooks Pro Plus is $ 299.95 every year. Instead of paying a one-time flat fee of $ 299.95, you will pay for the annual membership. The annual subscription comes with all the features like QuickBooks Pro, but you also get:

  • Annual upgrade
  • Freephone support
  • Free automatic data backup
  • QuickBooks Pro Plus is also often discounted on the Intuit website.


QB pro desktop helps the small and medium-size business by handling all then finances at one place so you can easily perform your all the task in the minimum time and it is very easy to learn and use. You can also directly import all the necessary data so, it will save your lot of time.

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